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Notable Phoenix Residents

This is a short list of successful people who lived in the Village of Phoenix. We are sure that there are others that belong on this list please forgive us for those omissions. This list came from information submitted by residents.

Melvin Van Peoples famous actor and film director of the movie “Sweetback” grew up in Phoenix.

Art Burton has written two books about the old west “Black, Red, and Deadly,” and “Black, Buckskin And Blue.”

Frank Bowen is currently an assistant to the vice president of music at the University of Cincinnati.

Shelby Steele author of the book “Content of Character” is currently working professor at University of California at Berkley.

Claude Steele is Shelby’s twin brother and is currently a professor of Sociology at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Louis Jordan famous jazz musician lived in Phoenix in the 1930s and 40s.

Mary Ann Berry actress starred in “The Wiz” and “The O. J. Simpson Story”.

Jessica Buckner teacher, principal and the first African American Superintendent of School District 151

Sam Mack recently played for the Golden State Warriors.

Kamala Buckner in 1999 was appointed to the position of School Superintendent of School District 205 one of the largest school district in the State of Illinois.

James Harris former Mayor of Phoenix currently serves a Commissioner for the Water Reclamation District of Cook County.

Earl Alexander played the guitar as a backup musician for the Temptations singing group of Motown fame.

Greg Rose and the Rose Brothers had several top ten hits during the early 1990s. Greg is still working in Los Angles with Rick James. Rose Brothers appeared on Soul Train TV Show.

Quinn Buckner, athlete, All American football and basketball player in high school, played on the NCAA championship team at Indiana, won an Olympic gold medal in 1976 Olympic Games. Quinn won an NBA championship with Boston in 1984 and served as coach of the Dallas Mavericks. He is currently working as a broadcaster for CBS.

Rocky Hill Basketball coach at Thornton High School has one of the highest career winning percentages in the state.

Lacy Thomas is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Cook County Hospital.

Anthony Anderson is a partner in the accounting firm of Ernst and Young one of the largest accounting firms in the country.

Steve Galberth helped to start the first health clinic in Phoenix.

Larraine Galberth became the first female school board member of District 151, and served 12 years as a Village Trustee.

Iola Toler helped start the Phoenix Park District and filed the lawsuit to integrate School District 151.

Eleanor Suggs was one of the women who led the fight to integrate School District 151.

Leonard Mayfield played drums for Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions

In 1969 the Soul Naturals, a musical group from Phoenix, won the Illinois State Battle of the Bands. Members of the group were Art Burton, Darryl Neal, Earl Alexander, Bobby Coleman, and Eddie Beard. This group went on to compete in the national competition and finished second in the nation.

Dr. Mildred Garcia recently retired as Circuit Supervisor for Food Safety Inspection Program. She currently serves a Chairman of the Phoenix Fest Committee.

Art Riley was an All American football player at Thornridge High School, the University of Southern California (played in the 1972 Rose Bowl), and was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings.

Pershing Broome served as Secretary of School District 151, member of the Phoenix Park District, and was one of the first African American teachers in School District 205.

William Smith helped to design the instrument panel for the 747 Airplane. He later became Brigadier General in the United States Air Force.

Bobby Sillers is the FBI Director for the State of Tennessee.

Richard Halbert helped lead Thornton High School to a State Championship in 1966 but died the next year at college in a automobile accident in Iowa.

Evelyn Perkins is current president of Golden Agers. She has been involved in many programs in the village including teaching a ceramics class to children and adults.

Kevin Duckworth played twelve years in the NBA with the Portland Trailblazers.

Jonas Perkins was a famous actor and sculptor.

Judge Brock served, as a Magistrate Judge in Phoenix, later became a state judge.

Dr. Karen Ellison is completing her residency in Baltimore, Maryland.

Joy Hawkins was feature in a 1999 edition of “Jet Magazine.”

Terry Johnson and her husband own several Burger King franchises in the Chicago land area.

Kevin Johnson is a successful musician, living in New York City.

Homer Thomas currently serves as the Athletic Director and Assistant Principal at Richards High School.

Alfreida Livingston is the owner of the Whisperwood Funeral Chapel in Phoenix.

Dushon Mosley is an accomplished Jazz Drummer and owner of a computer consulting firm in New York.

Wilson Holton Halbert has written a book entitled, Precious Treasures.

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