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Trustee Benny Williams

Trustee Benny Williams has been a resident of the Village of Phoenix for over twenty years.

Trustee Williams has been actively involved in community affairs of the Village since the first year of his residency. For over ten years, he had volunteered as a Police and Fire Commissioner to assist in hiring police officers and firefighters who have the best interest of the residents at heart. He has also assisted in the production and printing of Phoenix Rising. The Phoenix Rising is the Village newspaper that showcases the accomplishments of the residents and informs residents of the progress of the Village.

Trustee Williams maintains a career as a business operations and finance professional and holds the position of Finance Chairperson for the Village. He proudly assists in overseeing and monitoring the town’s financial policies, budgets, and expenditures. Trustee Williams holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Public Administration.

Although the Finance Chairman works is often behind the scenes, he has been an advocate for residents, local businesses, and village employees. Benny has championed many causes for the resident and small business people of Phoenix:  He has put on the boardroom floor the need for the town to invest in local businesses, suggesting pay increases for the employees of the Village, and suggested spending grant money to install new water meters as well as to cut down rotted trees in the Village.

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